School Suplies 1st year Hogwarts

1st Year

1. Three sets of plain work robes (black)
2. A plain pointed hat (black) for day wear
3. A pair of protective gloves (dragon hide or similar)
4. One winter cloak (black, silver fastenings)
Note: The student's clothing should be labeled with your name.

Books:The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1), Miranda Goshwak
History of Magic, by Bathilda Bagshot
Theory of Magic, by Adalberto waffling
Beginners Guide to Transfiguration of Emeric Switch
Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi of Fílida Spore
Beverages and Potions Spells, Arsenic Jigger
Fantastic Beasts and their Habitat, Newton Scamander
The Forces of Darkness: A Guide to Self-protection, of Quentin Trimble

Other equipment:A magic wand
1 cauldron (pewter, size 2)
A set of bottles
A telescope
A balance of brass
Note: Students may have an owl, a cat or a frog

1º Ano 

1. Três conjuntos de vestes (pretas)
2.  Um chapéu pontiagudo (preto) para uso diário
3. Um par de luvas proctetoras (pele de dragão
 ou semelhante)
4. Um manto de Inverno (preto com botões prateados)
Nota:  A roupa dos estudantes deve ter o nome

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